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Crossover/Multilayer Dielectric & Dielectric Coating Pastes

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4441 Screen-printable fugitive or porosity forming paste for use in SOFC, and for forming channels in planar oxygen sensors and other multi-layer structures
4492 Screen-printable alumina paste for use as an insulating layer in planar oxygen sensors
4530 Screen-printable alumina paste for use as an insulating layer in planar oxygen sensors
4569 Screen-printable zirconia paste for use as a porous overcoat to protect the electrode in planar oxygen sensors
4604-A Dielectric paste for use with 4605 to insulate aluminum substrates
4605 Dielectric paste for use with 4604-A to insulate aluminum substrates
4612-B Crystallizing with a green color, alkali-free
4911 Multilayer dielectric, for high-frequency, low-loss applications, k = 4
4913-G Multilayer/crossover dielectric
4916 Insulating dielectric, for 304-type austenitic stainless steel
4917 Multilayer dielectric, suitable for mixed metals, high BDV
4920 Multilayer dielectric, thin printing, suitable for mixed metals, high BDV
4924 Insulating dielectric, for 430-type ferritic stainless steel
4956 Dielectric designed to insulate ferritic steel, minimal bowing when used on 430 S17 grade stainless steel
4986 Co-firing dielectric, for insulating 430-type ferritic stainless steel
4987 For insulating thin 430-type ferritic stainless steel, improved warpage control
Filled glass-ceramic, for use with gold conductors
4905-CH Thicker printing and better via definition version of 4905-C
M4023-C Black, for use in DC gas discharge displays
M4024-A Cd-free version of M4023-C
Green Products are Lead-Free, Cadmium-Free

The above ESL materials are representative of the most common market requirements. ESL offers many other thick-film and ceramic tape products for specialized use which are not on this web site. ESL can also develop new materials to meet customer's specifications and needs. Please contact your nearest ESL representative listed on the Contact page for further information.