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Resistor Pastes

Product Purpose
29xxx Series Low-cost, for heaters on dielectric-coated stainless steel, with controlled TCR, fires at 850 °C
33000 Series For lightning and surge arrest protection applications, resistivity in range 50 mohm - 1 ohm/sq
3100 Series
Low-temperature firing, for substrates such as glass and PES
3414 Series For pressure sensors, strain gauges, etc., gauge factor = 14-19
3900-J Series Cadmium-free resistors for use in thick-film hybrid microelectronic circuits and discrete components
NTC-2100 Series For NTC thermistors, beta = 300 - 3,100 depending on resistivity
PTC-2600 Series For PTC thermistors, TCR » 4,000 ppm/°C for resistivity £ 10 ohm/sq
PTC-2600-I Series Similar to PTC-2600 Series, with higher viscosity, can be used as a heater element on alumina, dielectric, and PES
R-300-A/B series For resistor networks and hybrid applications
R-300-P Series Cadmium-free, for potentiometer applications, TCR = 50 ppm/°C in mid-range, CRV < -0.3%
Green Products are Lead-Free, Cadmium-Free

The above ESL materials are representative of the most common market requirements. ESL offers many other thick-film and ceramic tape products for specialized use which are not on this web site. ESL can also develop new materials to meet customer's specifications and needs. Please contact your nearest ESL representative listed on the Contact page for further information.