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Silver/Palladium/Platinum Conductor Pastes

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9562-G Lead-free, cadmium-free version of 9562
Resistor termination for high frequency, etc., large diameter wire bondability, low R, adheres well to aluminum nitride
9564 Excellent leach and migration resistance
9565 Mixed bonded conductor, excellent solder leach resistance, silver migration resistance, solder wetting, and both initial and aged adhesion, recommended for use as a resistor termination
9566 General purpose, excellent solderability and low resistivity
Green Products are Lead-Free, Cadmium-Free

The above ESL materials are representative of the most common market requirements. ESL offers many other thick-film and ceramic tape products for specialized use which are not on this web site. ESL can also develop new materials to meet customer's specifications and needs. Please contact your nearest ESL representative listed on the Contact page for further information.